Calligraphy - Wedding Invitations - Watercolor Prints - Custom Fonts


Simply Romantic: 75 Suites | $600

Staying true to all things lovely and beautiful, and made specifically for you, this suite allows us to create a custom watercolor background for your wedding day information to sit on. Flowers, leaves, trees, houses, really anything that helps to describe the feeling of your day we can create. We will choose a combination of fonts to fit your theme perfectly, the cards are digitally printed on a velvety cotton paper, and the envelopes come in almost any color you could want. This suite includes an Invitation Card, Outer Envelope, RSVP Card, and RSVP Addressed Envelope.

Full Calligraphy Suite: 75 Suites | $1100

This suite style features beautiful calligraphy on multiple cards giving your guests all of the information they would need. The writing is printed on handmade paper, and suite includes your invitation, rsvp card, outer envelope, inner envelope, envelope liners, and two extra smaller cards in your suite. Whether that be accommodations or some added details, the choice is yours. 

These are base packages and can be modified to fit your personal needs. Individual prices for certain add ons can be found on our services page.