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New Space, New Blog!


...and hopefully one that I will stick to! I am sure every creative being on the planet who has a website says the same thing, so we will see how this goes.
At the start of March I was lucky enough to move into a new studio space literally across the hall from my old one, and things have kind of been a whirlwind ever since. If you have visited my old studio, just imagine the same thing x3 in size...and windows....and light. With this new space comes new inspiration, ideas, collaborations, workshops, photoshoots, and more, and that is what has sparked me writing again. There is so much to share that has happened and will be happening here, and there is so much more to "ME" than just pretty writing and paintings. So follow along if you're looking for some creative inspiration both in and out of the wedding industry. Happy to have you here! 


Florals: Jakkelyn Iris
Photography: L'Amour Fou