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Paper Obsession!

Photo by Silk and Willow

Photo by Silk and Willow

Some of the artists and artisans I am able to come in contact with through my job are so amazing and talented! In the next few weeks I am going to share some of my favorite vendors, materials, items, blogs, etc. with you, in hopes that some of it may inspire you the way it did to me! 

Silk and Willow. The only three words I may ever need to hear again during my creative career, or as long as she continues to make materials I can purchase and use. I came across Shellie's Instagram page, @silkandwillow one day last year and I truly believe I may have lost my breath. Her page is beautifully curated with the most amazing plant dyed silk fabrics and hand made papers, written on by the most amazing calligraphers and I'm drooling. HELLO. Just look, I promise you will fall in love, and if you don't I'm sorry I broke a promise but just fall in love with her. Take a look at her website, you'll see what I'm talking about. 

I use her papers whenever a client lets me, and those silk bags! I've painted on quite a few for clients and for other wedding vendors, and they are a dream. Her antiques page brings you back in time and makes you want to sit in a library and write letters to old friends while you're surrounded by beautiful pieces she has found in this world. Sigh. I can go on and on forever. Have a look for yourself, and you now know my secret go to for inspiration when I am in a slump. A HUGE thank you to Shellie who is an amazing creator and allows me to create special pieces from her products! (and sorry to any followers who I've hooked, you may spend some $$ at her store.... you won't regret it!)



*Photo credit to Silk and Willow.