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Karen & Kevin

As your younger self, I am sure you have sat numerous times pondering over the type of man, or woman you would one day call your partner and spend the rest of your life with. For some of us this began at a very early age, for others, including myself, not until I grew up a little did I start to think of the type of person I would want by my side for.... ever. (yes, that does still exist.)  And one thing I have learned is that an inner connection, a soulful connection, an ability to communicate with words that mean more than anything, those things, those are the little things that matter most. Those are the moments you and your partner will have long after you both lost your 20yr old beach bodies and all the hair on the top of your head. That connection, that "oneness," those words to each other and that love. That is what is going to carry you both through this amazing journey we call life, and carry you through together. 

I would say I was honored to have Karen contact me. Her ideas, what she was hiring me to do, really touched me. She trusted me with something so sacred, those words. Words written between herself and her fiancé, while on a retreat. Words that described the connection they had, what their futures would be, how they would stand by each other because that is what they were both put on this planet to do. 

".....your heart is my heart, your hurt is my hurt, your joy is my joy...."

Their betrothal letters written out, as a wedding gift to Kevin. (shh, it is a surprise.) to frame and grace the walls in their home to forever remind them of the connection their marriage began with, and the promises they will uphold in the days they spend together. A prayer that will  bind them together on their very special day, that will unite them not as one individual, but as two souls who promise to take on the world together as one force of strength. I am completely inspired by the love these two have for each other, and am so thankful to have met and been able to create these pieces for them.  -