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This is me, and welcome to my crazy, soulful, and fun as shit life!

It was a moment one day before a painting critique. I was at my fourth college/university in three different states, over the course of many years (yea, I know, and no, I'm not a doctor) I had evolved. I had changed. I had finally begun to realize the type of person that I am (I was naive to the fact that I even had to "figure out my life" and who I was, before this point) I had to paint, to release, to express myself. But I started to realize I couldn't just paint. I could not just force myself to feel what wasn't true or wasn't there. I had realized in this moment that I feel things much differently than many other people, much deeper. And art, any form, was my way of working through these feelings. And let me tell you, they were fucking raw. I couldn't, and still on most days, cannot paint in front of other people. It is a very personal part of me, part of my process, and a part that I like to keep to myself. To share would be airing your deepest session with your therapist to the world; not pretty. 

So that is what I did, I painted. Watercolors were my niche, and made me feel connected to something. I became obsessed with papers, so many different kinds, the way they would take the paint, how they felt, the ripples from the water, everything about them. Some velvety, some so brittle all you needed to do was breathe near them and they would almost tear, but that right there, that tension, leaves me speechless. I simply sigh. This fine line, between fragility and strength. I'm enamored by it. My insides feel something severe when anything in my presence possesses this trait. Floral, some of those blooms, no way can be held up by stems the width of hair, but they do, because nature is an amazzzzzzinggg mother of a beast, and inspires everything I do. My soul needs it, and I try every moment I have to get out there and enjoy it's simplistic beauty. 

This site is an assemblage of everything that I love. Nature, earth, painting, writing, drawing, teaching, exploring, documenting, and love. I will share parts of my process with you, things new and old, experiences and lessons, and most of all, the amazing clients that I have that inspire me oh so much. 

This is my journey. Enjoy the ride.



"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." 

Henry David Thoreau 



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