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About Me

I have always been enamored by a good love poem, one that you get choked up in the middle of and can barely finish it because you have tears blocking your vision. The way a person can put into words how the soul of another human being makes them feel so complete is probably the most vulnerable thing someone can do, and the most lovely. I am inspired by those moments. They make me feel pure joy, and I want to surround myself with that type of love. I also want to help bring that out in my couples and document those moments so that after their wedding day they can relive with each other these beautiful memories. 

A wedding is about two people, who have somehow in this crazy world found each other, and decided to never leave. It isn't so much about a party, a show if you will, but a celebration with people who love. People who love love, people who love each other, and people who believe in idea that somebody else makes their life complete. We live in a period where people are doubting if true love still exists, and a lot of the older wedding traditions are fading away. I am here to work with couples who help make the world believe in love again. 

I would love to work with you, and help you through your planning process. Mixing traditional elements with modern, romantic designs, we can create pieces for you that you will want to savor long after your wedding has ended. From your invitations to hand written notes, wedding vows to favors, your day will be as thoughtful and personal as you’ve hope for it to be. Most of all you should enjoy this process and time with your future husband or wife, and I would love to help you do that. 



“We loved with a love that was more than love.”
-Edgar Allan Poe